My Name is Anna Kiuber. I am a tattoo artist as well as a painter. I am from Tampa Florida, but currently reside in West Virginia. My genres include Pop Surrealism and Trap art. I used combination of oils, acrylics, and mixed media.  I get the question “ what does does your art mean?” It’s my history, my existence displayed before your eyes as a slight confession to my life and the adventures contained in it. Secret Symbols of places, themes, and codes in popular culture with a classical appeal.


Dirty But Sophisticated 2005

Nemesis Gallery, Multiple Shows 2004-2006

Shiva’s Pain  multiple Shows1999-2006

Covivant January 27 2002 Daydreams in Segments (Premiere artist)

26th Annual Juried USF Student Exhibition

Gala Corina 2000,2001,2002