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My Name is Anna Kiuber. I am a tattoo artist as well as a painter. I am from Tampa Florida, but currently reside in West Virginia and own 2 tattoo shops. My genres include Pop Surrealism and Trap art. I use a combination of oils, acrylics, and mixed media.  I get the question " what does does your art mean?" It's my history, my existence displayed before your eyes as a slight confession to my life and the adventures contained in it. Secret Symbols of places, themes, and codes in popular culture and my life with an old masters painting appeal. For the Most part, I Portray myself in 90% of my work and it's like a where's waldo of debauchery. 

Adornment, House of Shadows 2022
Falkenurg Redemption Silver Metior Gallery 2016
Dirty But Sophisticated 2005
Nemesis Gallery, Multiple Shows 2004-2006
Shiva's Pain  multiple Shows1999-2006
Covivant January 27 2002 Daydreams in Segments (Premiere artist)
26th Annual Juried USF Student Exhibition
Gala Corina 2000,2001,2002

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