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As a psychology graduate from the University of South Florida, I’ve always been fascinated by the depths of the human psyche. My passion for art however, has been a constant throughout my entire life. Today, I’m able to combine these two interests as the owner and operator of Nemesis Tattoo in Charleston, West Virginia. My tattoo artistry is a reflection of my life-long love of painting, and I’m proud to offer my clients a unique and personalized experience.


Dirty But Sophisticated 2005

Nemsis Gallery, Multiple Shows 2004-2006

Shiva’s Pain  multiple Shows1999-2006

Covivant January 27 2002 Daydreams in Segments (Premiere artist)

26th Annual Juried USF Student Exhibition

Gala Corina 2000,2001,2002

Rat Soap Studios 2005-2008 Multiple Shows

Sacred Grounds 2003-2005 Multiple Shows

Gallery Live 2008 Images of an Apocolypse (premiere artist)

Falkenburg Redemption

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